Wing Shelter

Rain Responsive Roofing

Wing Shelter is a roofing which interacts with rain. The roofing consists of two upright blades which come down by rainfall and create a shelter. The underground mechanism, which activates the blades, is fully driven by the force of gravity.

Whenever it starts to rain, water from the local sewery system gets collected in a basin. The basin moves downwards because of the weight. This downwards motion get’s transformed to an upwards motion by a gear system.


A rod, which is connected to these underground gears and the blades above, transforms the upwards motion back to rotation. This makes the blades turn open which creates a shelter for the rain. When it stops rainig, the basin will slowly run empty by it’s perforated bottom. The weight in the basin decreases and a contraweight becomes dominant which reverses the gear system back to it’s original position. The blades turn up again, waiting for the next rain shower.


This project is the result of the participation to a design contest. The objective was to create a gargoyle which uses rainwater in a creative and uneful way. This design won the first price and the audience award. The contest was provided by Dutch waterboard ‘Waterschap Rijn en IJssel’.