Artificial Sun

‘Lyshus’ simulates the sun for places in the world with the least hours of sunshine. This project simulates three features of the sun: The daily sunpath, the height difference during the seasons and at last our perspective to it’s position and size. This last feature is the most difficult to simulate because of it’s distance and dimensions. We perceive it as a small sphere which seem to remain on the same spot, wherever we move. This feature is simulated by an illusion of perspective.

The experiment simulates our perspective view to the sun. Bacause of it’s size and distance from earth, our visual perspective doesn’t change no matter where we are. The sphere we perceive remains the same size compared to other objects in our surrounding. What’s close to us relatively quickly changes in it’s optical size. The more far away an object is, the less the optical size changes. This illusion simulates the sun’s sphere with it’s steady optical size and location. The experiment uses direct sunlight and has no programmed lights, it’s fully working on the changing perspective of the camera.