WING SHELTER Wing Shelter is an interactive roofing. It's the result of a competition to design a gargoyle which uses rainwater in a useful and creative way. Whenever it starts to rain, an analog technique gets triggered causing the two upright blades come down like wings from a bird. People walking by can take shelter in this temporary roofing. The two pointed ends serve as gargoyles and will gracefully drain the rainwater on the wings. The wings stand on a perforated platform. Rainwater gets through and flows to the center because of the sloping surface. The collected water lands on a disc which drops down because of the gravity of water. A connected cable gets also pulled down which enables a gear wheel to rotate. A large attached blade will drop downwards. This technique is applied twice in order to create a wingbeat. Once both blades are open it's suitable as a shelter. When it stops raining, the pit will get empty. The blades will slowly rotate back up again by a counterweight waiting for the next rainshower.
  • Year :
  • Client : Waterschap Rijn en IJssel
  • location : nowhere



wing shelter